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Posted 11 hours ago

Fire Breaks out in Bass lake (Footage Courtesy of Christopher Clark) ... See MoreSee Less

A Fire broke out in Bass lake earlier this afternoon. 10 acres have burned so far and firefighters are working on containing the fire. The cause for the fire...

Posted 12 hours ago

Yay! ... See MoreSee Less

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Posted 12 hours ago

Same location a bit later ... See MoreSee Less

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Thane Batyno matter where you take a picture up here it is beautiful. glad they have it contained.10 hours ago

Sandra K. GilpinBlackYou are correct about the beauty10 hours ago

Sandra K. GilpinBlackIt isn't fully contained, but they threw everything at it fast. So I'm not terribly worried. Thanks10 hours ago

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Posted 12 hours ago

From Old Central Camp Road and 274 about 5:00, Gina. ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 12 hours ago

I had the strangest encounter today. While working in Bass Lake Estates ( area where the old Duceys used to be), a very large black cat walked in front of me no more than twenty feet away. This cat crossed the street and walked up an embankment into thick brush. I watched this cat for one or two minutes. I was in complete shock. I Looked at every inch of this cat from its head to tail. It had a Long tail and sleek black fur. This cat was at my best guess 100 pounds, the size of a medium to large dog. Was it in fact a dog? People, this was not a dog. It walked like a cat, it's eyes were cat like, and its body was definitely that of a cat. What the heck! I came home and looked up 'Large Black Cats in Yosemite'. I needed an answer to what I had seen. Do you know there is such a thing as black mountain lions. Really!, this is no joke. I saw this large cat up close and personal, in broad daylight for a very long look. ... See MoreSee Less

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Conan CocallasI'll bet it was escaping the Pines Fire!6   ·  12 hours ago

Tim Jones2   ·  12 hours ago

Susan Tempestawow, that is freaky! too bad you didn't take a pic!3   ·  12 hours ago

Colleen Lopez-WittkeWeird!12 hours ago

Denise GalloThat's it Tim.2   ·  12 hours ago

Denise GalloI know so wish I had my phone in my pocket.1   ·  12 hours ago

Tim Jonesi Googled black mountain lions in ca12 hours ago

Terri LoMonacoOh my. I guess walking around in darkness not a good idea up here.12 hours ago

Jeff BurksWhere abouts in the estates? I live right next to the estates on the East side.12 hours ago

Amanda Gregory-WrightWhat a beautiful animal!1   ·  12 hours ago

Nick DuganThat picture is a black jaguar, which only lives in Central America. According to DFG there are no large black cats native to California.2   ·  12 hours ago

Amanda Gregory-WrightIt looks more like a jaguar rather than a mountain lion though....2   ·  12 hours ago

Amanda Gregory-WrightOh I missed nicks post :)12 hours ago

Colleen Lopez-WittkeNot a "cat" at 100 lbs ~1   ·  12 hours ago

Christopher VaughnNot uncommon at all when i worked at Ducey's seen them all.the time Just be your self they will leave you alone3   ·  12 hours ago

Donna Marie ShepherdThey have black jaguars indigenous in Florida.12 hours ago

Denise GalloI understand that some are in disbelief but I know what I saw and had to look it up. The pic looks a lot like what I saw. I googled it and saw a black mountain lion. This must be it because I know we don't have panthers or jaquar here.7   ·  12 hours ago

Amanda Gregory-WrightI just looked it up. Apparently there are black mountain lions all over around her and other parts if the US. Looks like that's what you saw :)2   ·  12 hours ago

Donna Marie ShepherdI thought they were one and the same?12 hours ago

Amber Alexander@Denise; ok, your describing exactly what my brother saw near my home. Sounded bazaar! He said it stood the height of the top of a car fender it walked by. He described a jaguar type cat- I thought he was nuts.1   ·  12 hours ago

Amber MortonWhat awsome sight that must of been2   ·  12 hours ago

Donna Marie ShepherdI just hope someone doesn't think they need to hunt it!2   ·  12 hours ago

Jess ColemanI believe you Denise Gallo :) strange sighting for you. Too bad you didn't get a picture3   ·  12 hours ago

Amber AlexanderWe looked it up once and God even makes a black bobcat. ;) I chalked it up to that.12 hours ago

Noëlle AndersenI saw the same thing in Coarsegold back in late 80s i was freaked it was bigger than me i was about 11 on my moms property2   ·  12 hours ago

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Posted 13 hours ago

Fire crews have contained the Pines fire which started around 4:20 p.m. off Road 274 and Malum Ridge Road near the Bass Lake dam. The fire reached 15 acres by 6 p.m. and required heavy air support, bulldozers and ground crews. Hand crews will continue to work throughout the night making fire lines and putting out hot spots. The fire was handled in a joint effort by U.S. Forest Service and Cal Fire who responded with 10 engines, six hand crews, three bulldozers, three helicopters and two air tankers. No structures were threatened and no evacuations were required according to Van Arroyo, U.S. Forest Service deputy fire chief. (6 photos) ... See MoreSee Less


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Dennis PorterThat is not correct. Fawn point was evacuated and all if us here in Marina View were on alert.6   ·  12 hours ago

Susan Skinner Hussey WoodsGreat job fire fighters. As a resident of the mountains I truly appreciate your services & hard work, thank you so much.5   ·  12 hours ago

Sandra Dee JensenReports are not always accurate! We here in the mountains already know that! The most important thing is that they got it under control!!!! Thank you GUYS! Cal Fire, US Forest, and the grounds fighters!!! God Bless your loving Souls!4   ·  12 hours ago

Michelle NiewohnerMr. Arroyo is mistaken. There were evacuations.3   ·  12 hours ago

Jill Van Geem AlthizerThank you firefighters! You are our heroes!!!!2   ·  10 hours ago

Mary Baughman PearsonThese guys deserve a party!!!2   ·  11 hours ago

Joy Danielthank you everyone who helped with this.2   ·  11 hours ago

Marie JuarezThank God.2   ·  12 hours ago

Conan CocallasNo evacuations were required? That's not what the Madera County Sheriff's Office page reported.4   ·  12 hours ago

Jordan HarrisCloey Kristine Norg1   ·  37 minutes ago

Barbara Shook Hoffmann-MilliginThanks all of you.1   ·  11 hours ago

Lindsay AdlerWow! Great job Troy and all firefighters!1   ·  11 hours ago

Lara Rogers-McGinnisWow- that is awesome!!!1   ·  11 hours ago

Donna Marie ShepherdAmen.1   ·  11 hours ago

Lydia GallegosThank you to all the Firefighters! Stay safe!!32 minutes ago

Courtney Ann Johnsonawesome firefighters deserve a raise in pay, vacation, AND medals52 minutes ago

Susan Marie MalloryThanks to our fire fighters who once again saved the day. We are so tired of these fires and having to breathe the smoke. Don't know how this one started but wish people would stop burning their trash and yard debris and just take it to the transfer station in North Fork.3 hours ago

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Posted 13 hours ago

Evacuations lifted. What great efforts the firefighters put forth! ... See MoreSee Less

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Tanni ChandlerThanks Rod!!!! Martha, my mom lives in marina view and she was evacuating....... where did you hear this?13 hours ago

Martha Parmentier-VanamanOn the scanner2   ·  13 hours ago

Mary Hallwww.sierranewsonline.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=4137%3Abass-lake-fire-at-fawn-point...1   ·  12 hours ago

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Posted 13 hours ago

Looks like it is nearly out! Thanks air fighters! ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 14 hours ago

I'm looking for some young hens to replace my chicks that grew up to be roosters. Also looking for a local person to process my roosters for chicken dinner. Any ideas? ... See MoreSee Less

Lesley A. SmithGo vegan. Less blood, no bad feelings!1   ·  12 hours ago

Terry Keefer DriscollSo what do I do with my roosters? All I want is eggs! Can't have roosters here....so far no one wants them.11 hours ago

Lesley A. SmithI know, it's a problem. Commercial chicken farms grind them up alive when they're chicks.... :'(10 hours ago

Terry Keefer DriscollReally! Yikes! I just need to find them a home before my neighbors turn me in! They are REALLY annoying! The roosters that is, not the neighbors!10 hours ago

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Posted 14 hours ago

Pines Fire at Bass Lake (5 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

Referred to as the Pines Incident, this fire was reported appx. 4:22 p.m. today and is currently burning at Bass Lake.


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Dale L. ClugstonThanks to Emma Gonzales for the picture.16   ·  14 hours ago

Dale L. ClugstonAnother great picture from my good friend Emma Gonzales.12   ·  14 hours ago

Ginger Luke FoustWishing now that I had facebook on my phone so that I could have uploaded my dozens of photos here but oh well.... It was great seeing the many aircraft on it so quickly and chatting with Forestry's Dave Martin about how lucky it was that our usual afternoon winds aren't here today. Phew!4   ·  13 hours ago

Nancy KeislerThank you Sierra News for keeping us up to date!!!5   ·  13 hours ago

Barbara Foster BoomerThank you Firefighters you are doing a great job!!!5   ·  14 hours ago

Steven ValenzuelaPic takin by Steven Valenzuela at bass lake dam2   ·  13 hours ago

Betty BraddyNo 'I don't like this at all'! button. This is terrible. We are end for a horrific fire season!3   ·  14 hours ago

Mily DilyThank you firefighters. Stay safe!2   ·  13 hours ago

Tracy MarrMelissa Bare Mary Marr13 hours ago

Laura Finley ValdezGreat picture !13 hours ago

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Posted 14 hours ago

My husband who is a pilot just sent me this of the new fire at Bass Lake. ... See MoreSee Less

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Gina RunyanTell Brian if we can't txt and drive, he can't fly n take pictures , but it is a great one, and I'm going to share3   ·  14 hours ago

Sierra News OnlineThank you for posting, Lisa. - Kellie14 hours ago

Lisa Peterman GrayAlways Deborah Pennington:)1   ·  13 hours ago

Dalene StephensUnfortunate. But great pic. :/1   ·  14 hours ago

Philip Fayneawesome!13 hours ago

Lisa Peterman GrayHe has a co-pilot, Gina....and your welcome Kellie14 hours ago

Gina RunyanIt's on news , evacuating14 hours ago

Deborah PenningtonWow. What were the odds of that?!? Awesome shot and good to know he has his eye on us!1   ·  14 hours ago

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Posted 14 hours ago

Engines along Road 274 at the Pines Fire. ... See MoreSee Less

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Logan Smith9   ·  14 hours ago

Nancy WissemanLots of air support too. CAL FIRE Rock!!! They are wonderful and respond so quick.7   ·  14 hours ago

Carol EgginkHere you go folks. They are working hard to knock it down fast.3   ·  14 hours ago

Patti Martin FuentesLot's of help on the scene. Resident's are being evacuated at Fawn Point.1   ·  14 hours ago

Kathy McKenzie ToomsOne good thing, lots of water close by!14 hours ago

Vannessa Denise GAlan14 hours ago

Stacey MasonThey are holding the additional aircraft and it is laying down.14 hours ago

Michael AriasOh hell no!!!!14 hours ago

Tanni Chandler:( my moms at marina view any indication which way the wind is blowing? ?14 hours ago

Caressa Denise ReynosoAmanda Darin Guiliacci Denise Guiliacci14 hours ago

Tom Arfsten#pinesfire on twitter14 hours ago

Jerry Schoonoverany info ?14 hours ago

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Posted 15 hours ago

Looking from the North Fork Lumbermill. ... See MoreSee Less

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Sierra News OnlineThank you for sharing, Vicki.14 hours ago

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Posted 15 hours ago

Just heard on radio mandatory Evacs for fawn point... ... See MoreSee Less